Each family must complete 10km total distance in any combination of those distances they chose. (e.g. 6 x 1km 5 x 500m 6 x 250m=10km). Each leg is completed by an individual who then hands over to another family member for the next leg.

You can run in any order and run any distance as long as you eventually complete 10km. Changeovers take place in the “Crazy Zone”. This is here the fun happens!

Each family will have its own Pen in the Crazy Zone. Sort the changes and cheer each other on. When you complete the distance the whole family group joins together for the Glory Leg up to the Finish Line.

All members must complete at least one lap.
Each leg (1km, 500m, 250m) must be completed at least 4 times (so Dad cant do 10 x 1km to show off!!)