Hi I’m Cat, I took up running around 6 years ago as a way of getting fit and it all escalated from there! I’ve run up to 70 mile ultra marathon distance and I am happiest when I am up a big hill.  However, one of my biggest passion lies in supporting and enabling others to run.  I’m a Run Director at Junior Parkrun and seeing all the happy wee faces on a Sunday morning is a great end to the week. I am also a Run Leader for a local running club and actively encourage those from beginner level to come along because running should be inclusive and we all have our goals whether that is to go for a time or to get yourself over a finish line no matter what the pace.  I’m also regularly found at the back of races supporting the slower runners to meet their goals and last year I paced at the GNR and i’m returning again this year to pace 2.40.  My biggest running achievement was getting everyone in a 100k ultra marathon over that finish line before the cut off.  Running is much more than the physical part, it is also about community and I have so many wonderful people in my life that I wouldn’t have met otherwise.  I am looking forward to seeing you all out on the course in the 10k event.