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We run for fun, laughs and friendship!


We couldn’t help noticing how many of local ladies running group Wingate Striders had already signed up for the Durham City Run so we tracked down “Striders Mam” Jan Mason for a quick Q&A about how the group are gearing up for their midsummer challenge.

What is Wingate Striders’ background? Wingate Striders came into their own in 2010. We are a small all ladies running club based in Wingate and surrounding villages with about 30+ members and our coach Colin Hancock, who has the patients of a saint. We run to get and keep fit and train 3 times a week with a circuit session and 2 runs. We’re an easy going club and run for fun, lots of laughs and have all become great friends.

What is your involvement with the club? I’m Jan, or as the girls call me Strider mam as I organise the club, runs, outings, kit and whatever else they need. I started running in 2010 and it has changed my life. I love the running, the girls, the laughs, the friendships and most of all the medals.

How many have signed up for Durham City Run? So far we have 15 for the 10k and 6 for the 5k but there will probably be more after we have done Manchester marathon next weekend.

What appealed to the club about Durham City Run? As soon as I saw the launch of the Durham City Run on Facebook and Twitter I had to enter. Its great having a 5k/10k run on our doorstep and Durham is such a beautiful, historic city how could we not enter. Having the finish line at the Palace Green is fantastic, where else would you want to cross the line and receive your medal?!

Does anyone have a specific running target? Our main target in a race at our ages is to finish and realise our achievement as we wear our medals with pride. When a new member joins our club its always the same goal they want to achieve and that’s the iconic Great North Run, and having ran it the last 5 years its not exactly an easy half marathon. We do have some special ladies who have and will have by next weekend ran marathons, but they are the very brave ones, but we usually stick with 10k races!

Good luck girls from all at Durham City Run


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