Training with friends and family

  “Training for events or races can often be a struggle, mentally as well as physically. One way I find to help with this is training with friends and/or family. With the Durham City Run Festival just a month away, I’m hoping that doing my training runs and next few events with my friends/family will give me the boost my training and energy levels need.
My next event, is the Endure 24 Challenge. A relay race over a 5 mile course for 24 hours. My wife and I will be competing with a team from our run club, the Orchard Eagles. We will be camping with the team and my son is joining us too. This will be a great way to bond and have fun whilst training and racing.
Following this is my local Yarm Fun Run which we do as a family. I love it when we all run together. Next I’m doing another relay event this time with a group of friends, Team Tedious, who I have met through running. This will be a fast paced 5 hour team relay over a 2 mile course. Again another great way to bring fun and enjoyment into training. I’m sure after all this training, I’ll be fit and raring to go on the 25th July in Durham!”   -Peter   Follow Peter on Twitter


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