Running is free therapy and it feels so good!

EOTN Ambassador Claire has got her mojo back, and it’s all with a little help from her friends! Her new blog is here:


“Well injuries suck, I’ve been suffering for over a year now with different injuries and thought I lost my love for running.

When I found out I was chosen to be EOTN ambassador I thought this was the best thing to get back my running mojo, it hasn’t been easy as I thought that I could just put my trainers on and run a half marathon again, truth is I struggled to run 1 mile, I was very lucky that my running buddy from a few years ago had also lost her mojo so we decided Durham City Run was going to be our come back and we’d train together.

When we started out it wasn’t easy but we knew how much we loved it before and could again, last week we managed 5k very slow but we did it. It was the best feeling and she was messaging me on the night saying she was still buzzing!

When we where running we where saying how exciting it will be to get a medal as it’s been so long, we love medals! Sometimes things are hard but we know it’s going to be worth it, I’m so looking forward to being back at the start line but most of all, getting a medal at the finish line.

Training for this event has definitely gave me the push to get my running mojo back, running is free therapy and feels so good, even better when you have a good friend to share it with, #nevergiveup #thesegirlscan”


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