Helen Martin – Durham City 10K Ambassador

I am a busy Mum living in Durham City with my partner Mick and two children aged nine and six. I work part time in the NHS and keep busy in my spare time with a couple of volunteering roles. I only started running a few years ago. I wasn’t particularly sporty as a child, in fact I was always in the last few to be picked for a team during PE at school; I’ve very been able to throw or catch, nor run fast. I was a strong swimmer, but again, not fast. As an adult I’ve always attempted to keep fit, but like many people, enthusiasm and frequency peaked and troughed. Once I had my children I found it really difficult to find the energy and time to do any exercise, yet love cheese, chocolate and cake (not necessarily all together!) so needed to do something! Fortunately my friend Faye convinced me to join her for a run, after weeks of me saying running was not for me. With her encouragement I slowly built up the distance I could run. Living in Durham City means that hills were included from the start, but so were the views of the cathedral and castle, making it quite an inspiring place to run around. I completed the first Durham City 10K in 2016. I was really proud, especially as it was the first running event I’d entered since Sport Aid in 1986! Although I now routinely run a couple of times a week, I still don’t think of myself as a runner!


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