Erin – Durham City Run 5K Ambassador

Hello everyone!! My name is Erin and as you’ve probably gathered I’m a real running lover! I’ve been running for around 2 years and I’m truly in love with the sport! I try my best to get stuck into as many events as I can every year, from park runs through to half marathons. So far I would say my favourite distance to tackle is a half marathon, as I love the challenge of pushing my body and maintaining a pace over a full 13.1 miles. However, 2020 marks a new beginning as I’m about to take on the scary world of the marathon! I’m lucky enough to be running London’s 40th marathon and I’m really excited to share my journey, both the highs and lows that hopefully get me around 26.2 miles! So far… I’m currently a few weeks into my training which so far hasn’t been to great!! I’ve been suffering with an issue with my Tibialis anterior, which is basically a posh word for shin splints! I’m trying to remain positive by trying to forget about what I should be doing and just concentrating on what I can do. My training at the moment had consisted of cross training mainly swimming, something I haven’t really done much of until this injury but I’ve really enjoyed it! I try to swim a mile at a time (64 lengths). I’m the hope it will benefit my aerobic fitness whilst I’m on minimal miles! I would definitely suggest it as a risk free way of getting your fitness up! Why not try adding 1 swim in a week and see if you like it to.


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