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The Durham City Run is a two looped course taking in the city centre and river paths, finishing on Palace Green in front of the Cathedral. 5km runners will complete one lap of the course, starting at the Market Place, whilst 10km runners start facing the 5km runners next to the new Millennium Square. The 5km will start first at 7.15pm, with the 10km following 10 minutes later taking a new route around the Durham University Cricket pitches. Both courses take on the final ascent up Saddler Street to cross the joint finish line on Palace Green.
durham_map5k The Start is at the entrance to Durham’s ancient Market Place on Saddler St. The UNESCO World Heritage Site has seen many charges down the years but probably none as fast and colourful as the 5k start! A quick descent down to Elvet Bridge and then settle down to judge your pace up Church St and on to Quarryheads Lane where you will reach the highest point on the route. On your left you will pass Durham School, founded in 1414, with approximately 2km completed. Then let yourself float down Crossgate but watch those cobbles as you drop back down to the river and get a good view of the new Walkergate development on the banks of the Wear. As you run in front of the Radisson hotel there is less than a Mile to go, so enjoy the views down the river as you cross the footbridge and take a left to eventually join the aptly named Providence Row. The climb up to Claypath is rewarded with a nice downhill stretch back to the Market Place and then the inspiring rise up the narrow medieval entrance to Palace Green and the imposing structure of Durham Cathedral standing to welcome you to the finish line. Well Done!
durham_map10kThe NEW START is on Claypath adjacent to the vibrant Millennium Square. You can watch the 5k runners charge towards you, before it’s your turn to hit the streets. The cheers will be ringing in your ears as you head off up through the ancient Market Place and enter the UNESCO World Heritage Site for the first time in your race. The narrow streets give way to the Grade 1 listed Old Elvet Bridge, for centuries the primary crossing point of the River Wear, and a quick section down to Old Elvet before a left turn on to Territorial Lane around the Marriott Hotel. Then you are on to the lovely banks of the River Wear and can outpace the rowing boats as you stretch out and circumnavigate the University Cricket Pitches. You shouldn’t really look behind but a glance over your shoulder will give a great view of the Cathedral and Castle up on the hill. Durham Jail awaits any wrong turns at 2km so keep straight on until the left turn that takes you up Church St. At the top Quarryheads Lane is your high-point on the route, at least in terms of elevation! The 4km marker is outside Durham School, founded in 1414, and top marks if you’re feeling good here. The course then drops sharply back to the river, down the cobbles of Crossgate, and then winds through the new Walkergate development. Along the banks of the river you get a nice view of the new Passport office before crossing the footbridge and heading up the climb on Providence Row. Recover as you head down back through the Start line on Claypath with 2 Miles to go. Now you repeat the lap around the Cricket fields next to the river before coming back to the Market Place via Prince Bishops Shopping Centre and the historical closing few hundred metres. The narrowing Saddler St will focus your last effort as the rise to Palace Green evokes images of weary Pilgrims reaching their goal. You too will finish your quest at the feet of the imposing Durham Cathedral! Well Done!


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