David Edwards – Durham City Run 5K Ambassador

Last year was a hell of a year. I started properly running in 2012 (reading about ParkRun in the newspaper as I tucked into a third croissant as I remember) and since then I’ve run regularly and completed events such as Durham 10k, the Great North Run and Kielder Marathon. 2019, however, saw my wife and me move house, renovate said house, change jobs, hand in my PhD and, certainly not last or least, the arrival of our first child. As a friend said, I did ‘extreme living’ last year! It has meant, though, that my running has dropped off a cliff. I’ve gone from doing around 40-50km a week to, sometimes, a solitary ParkRun. I’m looking at the clocks going forward this Spring as a regeneration, a ‘Rocky-style comeback’ if you will, albeit with significantly less raw eggs and awkward ocean hugs with my bestie. I’ve signed up to my second Kielder marathon but am also excited to be a run ambassador for the Durham 5k. I find running to be a great help to my fitness (I seemed to have gained my wife’s lost baby weight since the birth due to a heady diet of lager, fizzy sweets and late-night sandwiches) but also my mental health. I’m a diagnosed obsessive-compulsive and, after years of hiding from it, losing the fight, the past couple of years has seen me take on my OCD through both running and CBT sessions. When I run, my OCD can’t touch me. When I don’t, it gets worse. Therefore, I’m looking forward to the Spring, and being a run ambassador, to begin my fight back. Firstly, against the sandwiches but secondly, against my obsessive-compulsive disorder. Here I go!…


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